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Artists earn side money with fantasy sport leagues

FanDuel ReviewFan Duel refers to a web based fantasy football premium game. It is virtually the biggest firm in the novel fantasy sports concept, and the model encompasses traditional season-long fantasy sports contests that are compressed into a daily or (at times) weekly game. Fan Duel was founded way back in 2009, and since then, it has turned out to be the best site when it comes to the daily fantasy sports world.

This specific site is the ultimate destination for dozens of players—both newbies and experienced players—who attempt to implement the perfect strategy to accomplish their success.

With thousands of new players participating daily in the fantasy sport on Fan Duel, there is no doubt that the site offers an exceptional opportunity to make some extra bucks, but don’t worry, it’s not part of any pyramid schemes or MLM companies.

Fan Duel Recent News and Updates

The firm hosts more than 600,000 lineup entries every week to take part in their daily games. This year alone, the site plans to pay out more than $2 billion in prizes, which is a very remarkable increase from the $150 million used in 2013.

According to the recent updates, Fan Duel is ringing its second week of the National Football League season by supplying massive bounties to its contenders. They will probably continue to do so till the Super Bowl 50, scheduled for Sunday of February, finally takes place in Santa Clara.

How does FanDuel Work?

1. Choose a contest
Fan Duel is somewhat different and unique from the rest, since their games last for either one day or one week. As a player, you need to pick a contest that interests you from the lobby. Alternatively, you can as well create yours to play against your friends.
Choose your entry fee as well as a prize or pick a free practice tournament. You have the opportunity to enter as many teams and games as you deem fit for this will boost your chances of winning.
– Head to Head
This is where a player takes on just one opponent. Usually, a player who gets the highest possible score between the two wins the cash.
– Leagues
A league refers to a smaller contest, which can either be made by the company, Fan Duel, or the user. A league needs to fill so that it can run.
– 50/50’s
50/50’s are specific types of events where half the pitch wins cash, whereas the other half does not. Nevertheless, these events boast a higher number of entries than a head to head.
– Tournaments
These are bigger events that are guaranteed to run if they’re not filled.

2. Pick your team
Once a player picks a contest, s/he will need to choose an ultimate fantasy team for that precise day’s or week’s games. Each player is presented with the chance to prove their capability. All a player needs to do is stay calm under the salary cap while watching their selected players in action.

3. Stay the most points and win
Once the games commence, players will accumulate points depending on how they’re performing in the game—fair, good or excellent. You will instantly carry home the winnings if your selected team racks up more than your challengers on that particular day or weekend. You do not have to wait for the season to close.

The best aspect pertaining to Fan Duel is that you can join leagues and draft the team right from your computer, tablet or phone. It is amazingly easy and versatile, and you’ve what it takes to make your last minute replacements and edits. Similarly, it’s incredibly easy to track your own team’s performance wherever you go.

Fan Duel Winning Strategy
The simplest approach that can let you become a superb player on Fan Duel is to play in many leagues. Do not focus so much on winning cash but rather work on improving your prowess.

Remember, Fan Duel supplies free rolls (free leagues with prizes) and free leagues (no prizes). You have to take full advantage of these offers, and work on diverse combinations of players to figure out how various strategies work. Besides, try different types of leagues to gauge your abilities.

It is equally crucial to track your own advancement. This is the only possible way to figure out if you are prepared enough to either play for money or to enter the big leagues for extra cash. One of the best tools to utilize in gauging your progress is the RotoGrinders Fan Duel Bankroll Tracker.

It is indeed an incredibly simple and efficient approach that allows you to visualize your own progress and abilities as a fantasy player. It allows you to discern whether you can be a long-term winner or not, giving you the opportunity to make some little tweaks here and there to improve your overall ability. Additionally, using RotoGrinders Incentives can be the most effective way of becoming profitable at Fan Duel. There are all kinds of useful tools, such as expert advice for every game and player projections.

Traffic Monsoon keeps impressive momentum

After only one year in business, Traffic Monsoon has gathered an impressive membership. Members and founder Charles Scoville celebrated their one-year anniversary two weeks ago on October 10, 2015.

They’re doing well, and Traffic Monsoon reviews are starting pop up over the net. Good reviews, too.

A fancy gathering to celebrate a successful year.

The 100 tables seating 1000 people at a celebratory gathering in Manchester, England were proof positive that it’s been a successful year. On hand to entertain attendees were Inspirational speakers, live music, a three-course meal, and plenty of networking opportunities. Tickets were £25 each and the house was full, and even came with a hosting sponsor, Host Authority.

Speakers spoke of their success with Traffic Monsoon.

Founder Charles Scoville was on hand to speak about the origins of his company and how the first year has progressed so far (1). He mentioned simply trying to create a job for himself so he could support his son- a message that’s repeated consistently throughout all Traffic Monsoon and Charles Scoville publications.

One speaker told of her struggle to earn a living after losing her job. She attributed the success of her online business to Traffic Monsoon (2).

Some used the gathering to entice new members to join them (3).

A testimonial by member Harvinder (4) revealed yet another success story.

He went so far as to say “there are thousands and thousands out there who need our help”. With evangelical zeal, he described a personal story of his near-death experience and subsequent financial devastation. He described not being able to tie his own turban. Traffic Monsoon rescued him by bolstering his online business. Not a bad way to go for multi-level marketing.

“This business is absolutely real” states Harvinder during his testimonial.

There are apparently over 30 million home-based businesses, according to founder Charles Scoville. “And what do we offer?” he asks during his speech. Of course the answer is “traffic”.

Home-based businesses and the market for Traffic Monsoon’s product.

Indeed there is a huge market for traffic sources. And actually, it may be bigger than Mr.Scoville thinks. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, half of all U.S.businesses are based out of someone’s home (5). That’s well beyond the 38 million cited by a popular infographic circulating the internet (6).

Add to this the fact that 70% of Americans would prefer to be self-employed (7) and the market is potentially even bigger for the traffic-generating product offered by Traffic Monsoon.

Charles Scoville and company can look forward to another successful year if they continue on present pathways.


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How To Be More Artistic and Increase Focus With Nootropics

As an artist, creativity is everything. And for creativity, focus is everything.

Let’s discuss some natural alternatives to helping any artist in need the ability to focus and create at a higher level.

Every individual needs some form of boost once they get up in the morning. Some like to take coffee, some tea while others devote their time to doing yoga exercises. There are also those who take brain supplements. Addium is one such nootropic supplement, which enhances your brain function significantly.

What is Addium?

addium for focusIt is a powerful supplement containing natural compounds, which have been medically proven to improve the functionality and health of the brain. The core ingredients of this brain booster include:

  • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) – an inhibitory neurotransmitter that boosts one’s concentration by reducing over-excitement, which may result in distraction.
  • Tyrosine- an element that has the potential to generate neurotransmitters, which specialize in higher mental alertness.
  • Huperzine A- useful in the treatment of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and other age-related impairment.
  • Vinpocetine- a chemical that maximizes the brain’s utilization of glucose. It also leads to a better flow of blood to the brain.

What are the Benefits of Using Nootropics?

Everyone is looking for their edge. To get motivated, to be inspired, to spark creativity. Are nootropics the future in this fashion? Let’s discuss the side effects and potential risks of taking brain supplements.

Heightened Senses

According to real Addium pill reviews, the popular limitless smart drug copycat gives you enough mental clarity and stamina to power you to perform optimally throughout the day. The blend of natural ingredients gives you energy for a whole six hours without the unpleasant side effects that come with other prescription medications.

Enhances Focus

When you use this supplement, your brain can process more data and retain more information. You will have the potential to focus on any task that you undertake. Furthermore, it will help you perform activities with increased accuracy.

Increased Brain Power

The product constitutes only the best compounds, known to boost performance, vigilance and brain functions. With this product, you will experience higher levels of alertness and motivation.

Does Addium Work?

Addium has been proven to be an effective nootropic supplement when taken in the right way. This product is specially formulated so as to enhance the performance of neurotransmitters as well as stimulate particular receptors in the brain. Addium acts as a natural source of energy to the brain, keeping users motivated and vigilant for long durations. The best part is that customers do not have to worry about experiencing jitters or any energy crash when using this brain enhancer.

Other Addium reviews claim that the product boosts the density of cholinergic and glutamate receptors, which are linked to the retention of information and studying. Nonetheless, the product should be taken in moderation, preferably once or twice each day.

What are Nootropics?

Nootropics can be defined as cognitive enhancing supplements, which improve one’s memory and concentration. Typically, they enable people to focus on their activities. Nootropics also serve as studying aids. Of course much of this sparked when the NZT 48 came out on the Limitless Movie with Bradley Cooper.

The supplements are also referred to as “smart drugs” since they lead to increased mental energy, intelligence, and motivation. Scientists have also discovered that nootropics can help prevent neurodegenerative illnesses and cognitive decline caused by old age.

Although nootropics do not instantaneously result in higher IQ levels, they improve the functioning of the brain in several ways. First off, they increase the production of an array of neurotransmitters. Secondly, they increase the amount of blood flowing to the nervous system. Nootropics also help in preserving and protecting the brain and nerves.

Addium is a first-rate memory enhancer that has the potential to improve your everyday performance. It constitutes elements that serve as a natural energy source for the brain.